Some Design Principles

Designing the cabinets in your space is very much a personal choice.  At the end of the day, you are the one using the space - kitchen, bath, wine room, family room - so it should reflect your unique needs, style, work habits, tastes or whatever criteria you want to consider.  Having said that there are some overarching principles that you might want to consider when designing the space.  These things to consider have been developed over the years by professionals working in the design field and have been researched so you can be assured there is some "science" behind these considerations.  Take them into account, but of course the final choices are always up to you!

  • Do some pre-planning to know how you want to use the space, what things you want to store, how you will move through the space and so on.  The more you consider how you will work in and interact with the space, the better the design you will develop.
  • Keep a balance between "practical" and "aspirational".  Depending on where you gather ideas from you may see cabinets that are very elegant or grandiose - the type you see in a magnificent show home, lottery home or magazine.  While beautiful, they may not be the most practical choice for your home or lifestyle.
  • Ensure the cabinet style and finish you select complements, or at least fits in, with the overall character of your home.
  • Consider the maintenance and wear-and-tear you will have on your cabinets when considering the types of wood, color, online casino finish and so on.
  • Take into consideration any unique environmental considerations that might apply.  For example in a cottage or garage that is not heated all year round, certain wood and finish choices may be more suitable that others.  Other environmental considerations like humidity, moisture, heat, cold, light may be applicable.
  • You may wish to consider other users of the space besides youself when developing your design.  Depending on your expected time horizon in a house, online slots your choice of design, wood, color online casino and so on might be different.  If you are renovating a house with the expectation that you will be selling it in the near future, this may be an important consideration in your choices compared to if you plan to be in the house for a longer period of time.
  • Ensure you develop a budget that takes into consideration what you can afford.  There are a lot of different design elements that can be taken into account to help keep you within a budget - different cabinet heights, finishes, woods, options, accessories, countertops, and so on - to ensure you get the job done in an affordable manner.  Similarly, ensure you are realistic with a budget to get the job done.  There is a minimum amount required to get a job done with quality materials and workmanship and trying to cut corners may simply end up costing more when re-work or repairs are factored in.

With respect to kitchens and bathrooms, the NKBA (National Kitchen and Bath Assocation) is the leading industry association of professionals in the design field as well as the industry sectors of cabinet manufacturing, appliances and hardware.  The NKBA publishes a formal set of guidelines with respect to kitchen and bath designs.  These guidelines are available for a fee from the NKBA; however, as professionals in the business we are familiar with these.  The guidelines deal with aspects such as:

  • doorways and clearances
  • optimal distances between "work centers" (your sink, fridge and range)
  • clearances within the kitchen between countertops, islands, etc.
  • clearances for walkways for the traffic in your kitchen
  • seating space guidelines
  • countertop landing areas beside sinks and appliances
  • placement of appliances
  • lighting

Park Cabinets would be pleased to assist you in your cabinet design process applying our professional expertise to give you the design that best meets your needs and space.