Working with Our Designers

Your initial and primary point of contact with Park Cabinets is our design team.  We have designers located in our Sherwood Park showroom ready to serve you (in our Camrose showroom and manufacturing plant as well).  Just give them a call or stop by the showroom to start your design process!

What Role do We Fulfill?

Our primary role is to design a layout based on a detailed understanding of your needs, our cabinet knowledge and expertise, and provide recommendations on door styles, wood selections and finish treatments. We can also give you some advice and ideas on other aspects in the broader scope of your work, but can also provide you some contacts for other professionals you might require - general contracting, construction, electrical, plumbing, and so on.  We also have relationships with individuals that could assist in the interior design like draperies, window coverings, flooring, appliances.

One critical thing we provide that many "dealers", "big box" companies and large cabinet companies is that we are a custom cabinet manufacturer integrated with our design capabilities.  As such, we have unique capabilities that these large companies do not have - cabinets of virtually any width, height or depth; custom shaped cabinets; custom stain or lacquer formulation; control and flexibility in our production schedule to meet unique requirements; flexibility to fix problems that might arise in a timely manner.

What Do You Need to Do to Prepare?

  • Do Some Research.  There are many resources available today to give you ideas and information.  The internet has almost limitless ideas and information.  Looking through showhomes, magazines, television shows and  so on all provide you with ideas to help you think about styles, finishes, layouts, accessories and so on.
  • Think About How You Will Use the Space.  If you can "visualize" how you will function in the room (especially a kitchen) it will assist in the design process.  Things like what do you want to store in a particular area, how do you want to access it will help design the cabinet layout and configuration of the cabinets.
  • Select Your Appliances.  Selecting appliances is often left too late in the process.  It really should be a first step.  You may not need to purchase them up front, you simply need to select which ones you will buy.  If you want a 36" fridge adequate space has to allocated in the design.  If you want a cooktop and walloven this has to be accommodated.
  • Take Some Basic Measurements.  Final measurements are taken by our professionals when the design is fully developed and you have agreed to the pricing terms for the job.  To get the design started, you should provide measurements of the space, or a blueprint of the house if one is available or has been developed for your renovation.  More details on how to measure are outlined in Getting Started.
  • Prepare Your Budget.  It is important to think about how much you can and want to spend.  In a renovation of a major room like a kitchen, you need to consider all the elements that you are changing not just the cabinets - appliances, flooring, windows, and window coverings as well as the "infrastructure" work you may have to do like construction, drywalling, electrical and plumbing.