Designing Your Space

With the many options available today, designing the cabinetry for your house can seem like a significant challenge for many people. Our design team has the experience and resources to assist you in making the task simpler and hopefully a big success!

Some Design Principles

Designing the cabinets in your space is very much a personal choice. At the end of the day, you are the one using the space – kitchen, bath, wine room, family room – so it should reflect your unique needs, style, work habits, tastes or whatever criteria you want to consider.  There are however some overarching principles that you might want to consider when designing the space.

  • Plan how you want to use space and what specific features you would like in the cabinets.
  • Consider both the “practical” and “aspirational” aspects in your design.
  • Consider the style and finish of your new cabinetry aligns with the overall character of your home.
  • Consider the maintenance and wear-and-tear you will have on your cabinets when considering the types of wood, color, finish and so on.
  • Take into consideration any unique environmental considerations that might apply. They might be things like temperature, humidity, lighting, chemical use and so on.
  • You may wish to consider other users of the space besides yourself when developing your design particularly if the renovation is to update things before selling a house.
  • Ensure you develop a budget that takes into consideration what you can afford
  • Park Cabinets would be pleased to assist you in your cabinet design process applying our professional expertise to give you the design that best meets your needs and space.

Working With Our Designers

Your initial and primary point of contact is our design team.  We have designers located in our showrooms ready to serve you.  One critical thing we provide that many “dealers”, “big box” companies and large cabinet companies do not, is that we are a custom cabinet manufacturer integrated with our design capabilities.  As such, we have unique capabilities that these large companies do not have – cabinets of virtually any width, height or depth; custom shaped cabinets; custom stain or lacquer formulation; control and flexibility in our production schedule to meet unique requirements; flexibility to fix problems that might arise in a timely manner. Here’s some tips to help you be prepared to work with the design team:

  • Do some advance research with the many resources available today to give you ideas
    and information – design magazines, renovation websites, and popular “social media” sources like Pinterest.
  • Think about how you want to use the space.
  • Select key appliances like ranges, cooktops, wall ovens, fridges,  dishwashers and so on as the design needs to accommodate special choices you might make.
  • If possible take some basic measurements of the space and also some pictures if it is an existing space being renovated. More details on how to measure are outlined in How You Can Get Started.